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About the Author

Radha Pyari Sandhir is the India Quantum Community Lead at IBM Quantum, a scientific advisor for literature and film, science communicator, and a writer of speculative fiction with stories published in Hugo award-winning Clarkesworld Magazine, Nature, Constelación, and forthcoming in ParSec as R. P. Sand. She has a PhD in theoretical quantum physics, is passionate about community growth and outreach, with a particular focus on engaging entry points for non-expert audiences.

Radha frequently combines her love for all things creative with educational endeavors. She has co-created a number of web apps and resources such as the Quantum Bubble Art Generator that generates a visual representation of quantum noise, Quantum Grove: A Lofi Ambience, and the D&D μStarter Kit for D&D players that harbors a quantum dice roller and generates characters. She conceptualized, authored, and co-developed The Photonic Trail: A Quantum Optics Treasure Hunt, a single-player fantasy game. She’s organized numerous quantum events and learning programs, including Qiskit’s Quantum Explorers.

You can find her on Twitter @RadhaPyari, and her Website radhapyarisandhir.com.

About the Illustrator

Lead Illustrator: Rashi Chandra

Rashi Chandra is an Artist and Graphic Designer working in the Game Development industry for over a decade. She has worked extensively on visuals for games on mobile platforms and consoles, and has lent her skills to designing concepts, UI/UX and promotional artwork for various projects, in addition to producing art for printed media such as novels, educational titles and comics. As a self-taught artist, Rashi is committed to ensuring that her work meets the benchmarks of quality not only in India but around the world. Several of the titles she has worked on have received accolades around the world, topping download charts in digital storefronts like the Apple Store in different countries.

In her free time, Rashi continues to create content in the form of fanart and webcomics- particularly featuring her two cats- as well as being an avid gamer across multiple genres. She also puts her skills to use painting miniatures, cosplay and merchandise, and can often be found at pop-culture events across the country!

Follow her on Instagram: @rashichan

And on Twitter at @rashichandra

Support Illustration, Animation, and Art Direction: Radha Pyari Sandhir

The Cats

The characters are based on real life cats.

The main characters, Arya, Blade, and Luna, are the author’s cats. You can find them on Instagram at @catomictheory.

Soya and the others mentioned are all beloved cats connected to the author in some way.


Editor: Suzanne Musin, technical editor and product content strategist for the high tech industry. The right person to ask about Ancient Greek literature clues in a crossword puzzle.

Technical reviewer: James L. Weaver, quantum & classical developer, author and speaker. [Github] [Twitter]

The author would also like to extend deep thanks to Manon de Reeper and Preeti Sandhir for invaluable feedback and support, Cotes2020 and Vishal Bajpe for dev guidance, Neil Clarke for license guidance, Rana Prathap Singh for helpful remarks, and Yuri Kobayashi (+ APAC community team at IBM Quantum), Josh Sippie, and a particular group called Weasels for encouragement and support.